ALLILONnet Welcomes one new COMPANY member: DROMEAS Office Furniture Manufacturer - Allilonnet

ALLILONnet Welcomes one new COMPANY member: DROMEAS Office Furniture Manufacturer

DROMEAS is register by our member Maria Rakitzi

When DROMEAS operated its first production facility in the Industrial Area of Serres, Greece, back in 1979, we had big dreams for the future.

dromeasNo one could imagine, however, that there would be a point in time where the company, from a small part of Macedonian land, would supply furniture for the whole of the EU Services at a worldwide level, would furnish the German Army, international Institutions like CERN, international Airports and multinational corporations.

 Today we share the pride and joy for the Company’s rising recognition by clients across international markets, a result of the coordinated efforts of DROMEAS’s people, the continuous investing in production facilities, the devotion to entrepreneurship and our strategic goal which is the high quality and added value of products and services.

These are the key elements of DROMEAS’s success, which are visible to our clients and users of our products.

Based on our continuous research and development, the collaboration with worldwide distinguished designers and our year long experience in manufacturing, alongside with our “evangelists” - our products and their satisfied users across the globe - we continue DROMEAS’s tireless course to a promising and exciting future.

Dromeas is the exclusive supplier of office furniture of the European Union and many other companies and universities


Contact with us :                                                              Visit our Website :



Tel: 23210 99220 / Fax: 23210 99270

Contact Line: 801 11 96000




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