Call for proposals: ALLILON SHADOW TECH AND BUSINESS DEPARTMENTS | update: 22 July 2020 - Allilonnet

Call for proposals: ALLILON SHADOW TECH AND BUSINESS DEPARTMENTS | update: 22 July 2020






Call for proposals: ALLILON SHADOW TECH AND BUSINESS DEPARTMENTS | update: 22 July 2020


Update and promote the skills of ALLILONnet members in project development and management through short term projects with objective: publications, presentations on trending subjects, for example: AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency to name a few.


As COVID-19 continues to impact the scientific and business community, the ALLILONNET team would like to update you on a first key step we have taken to ensure scientific and business continuity to our members interested to invest in acquiring valuable Visibility, Skills and Achievements to upgrade their CV.

Participation benefits:

•   allows members to distinguish themselves while they work at their own pace
•   is a vehicle to promote international visibility of young and senior experts
•   promotes learning and adaptation
•   supports collaborative approaches
•   can encourage deeper approaches to learning
•   increases interaction amongst the participants members
•   facilitates more widespread participation
•   provides a permanent record of learning and experience

A Call for Proposals (CFP) will provide an overview of the project and will clearly set out the purpose of the CFP. While the exact purpose of every CFP varies from project to project, the primary objective will be to invite potential participative members.

When a minimum number of members for a specific project is reached, the team members will be asked to democratically vote for a director and a manager in one week. Failure to meet the deadline will cause the current group to be dissolved and a new call will be made by Allilonnet. 

The group will establish and submit two 1-page clear and compelling narrative proposals for proposed projects which sets out their vision, mission and mandate with specified milestones for a publication in 2 weeks and send it to an ALLILONnet officer for final approval of the most important attractive and promising proposal.

To ask the department to produce a draft publication in two weeks and a final presentation after two extra weeks the team is encouraged to ask the assistance of mentors respecting the deadlines.

Further details including rules and regulations will be available upon request after reception of a short bio at

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