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This page presents communication initiatives by ALLILONnet and by individual members promoting the values of personal initiative and volunteering in Greece and encouraging particularly citizens to move towards a more entrepreneurial and innovative society.


Our members can suggest and promote, individually or in groups, proposals concerning legal, managerial and social reforms and particularly concerning improvements of policies and initiatives of the public sector that can assist in making Greece a country friendly to entrepreneurship and new initiatives. These proposals are published on behalf of individual members in order to promote public dialogue. In special cases, they can be approved by the Coordinating Board and promoted in more direct ways by ALLILONnet towards relevant authorities, other stakeholders and the broader society.


A. Writing about ALLILONnet,ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝnet, 16 June 2014, "Βοηθάμε Αλλήλους!", 27 April 2012 Forum, 23 April 2012 forum, 29 May 2012

Student Guru, 25 March 2012 forum, 2012


B. Articles and Publications - ALLILONnet members

Joseph Sifakis, The Internet of Things - The Ultimate ICT Revolution(Video), March 2015

Joseph Sifakis, article for newspaper Ναυτεμπορική ''Πρέπει να κατακτήσουμε τα αυτονόητα'', February 2015

Josef Sikais, ''Λανθασμένες Προσεγγίσεις'', January 2015

Joseph Sifakis, article for newspaper Kathimerini - "Το παρόν και το μέλλον της Πληροφορικής", 19 September 2013

Joseph Sifakis, article for newspaper Το Βήμα της Κυριακής - "Ψηφιακά αναλφάβητο το Νέο Λύκειο", 1 September 2013

Joseph Sifakis, interview for magazine insert To Βήμα - Science - "Ιωσήφ Σηφάκης: ο κυβερνο-πλατωνιστής", 21 July 2013

Panagiotis Pournaras, Αλληλοβοήθεια για σπουδές / εργασία μέσω ίντερνετ interview with AMPE , 24 February 2013

AngelosPangratis, Ελληνισμός με αυτοπεποίθηση και εμπιστοσύνη, 10 February 2013

Andreas Milionis "Greece, There is hope" and the role of ALLILONnet

Angelos Pangratis, interview for newspaper "Καθημερινή", 24 June 2012

Elias Carayannis, "Reboot: The Hellenic Education Ecosystem", June 2012 

Angelos Pangratis, interview for newspaper "Επενδυτής", 6 May 2012

Elias Carayannis, "Why we should all be Allocentric "PIG"s ", May 2012

Elias Carayannis, "Allocentrism Piloting the Hellenic-American Innovation Bridge", February 2012

Elias Carayannis, "From Tactical Fragmentation to Strategic Integration: The Open Innovation Diplomacy Concept and The Hellenic-American Innovation Bridge." December 2010


C. Radio and TV - ALLILONnet members

1.1) Angelos Pangratis, interview at START TV - part A, 21 August 2012

1.2)Angelos Pangratis, interview at START TV - part B, 21 August 2012


D. Publications of special interest from non-members

Roger D. Kornberg, Nobel prize in chemistry 2006, talks about the potential and the right policies for Greece in S&T, June 2014

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