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General Information for Germany - Γενικές Πληροφορίες για την Γερμανία

europa.eu : EUROPA How the EU works Countries Member countries

deutschland.de: your link to Germany 

Residence Documents – Έγγραφα Διαμονής

German residence permits: Types of permits and application procedures

Wikipedia: German residence permit

EU Citizens Moving to Germany: Understand the residency rules for European Union citizens moving to Germany to live, work, study or retire.

geekmadel: How To Apply For Permanent Residency In Germany

Real Estate – Ακίνητα


Christie's Inernational Real Estate

Sotheby's Luxury homes



Greek Embassy – Ελληνική Πρεσβεία


Useful Addresses for Greek Entrepreneurs – Χρήσιμες Διευθύνσεις για Έλληνες Επιχειρηματίες

Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development: Starting up in Germany.

Greek Schools – Ελληνικά Σχολεία

List of Greek schools in Germany

Greek Communities, Societies – Ελληνικές Κοινότητες, Σύλλογοι

 OEKΟμοσπονδία Ελληνικών Κοινοτήτων στη Γερμανία.

AusGreekNet.com: Greeks in Germany.

Greek expatriates in Germany: Would you like to get in touch with Greeks living in Germany? Discover the Greek expat community in Germany, the best way to make friends and to contact Greeks! You can also get in touch with all the members of the Germany network.

Greeks in Germany - Greek expats in Germany:  Want to connect with the expat community of Greeks in Germany? Looking for Greek compatriots to help you with your questions on expat life? Or are you looking for other Greek expats to go on an excursion to the picturesque islands off the Frisian coast with? InterNations Germany offers everything you might need as an expat, no matter whether you already live in Germany or are still in Greece planning your upcoming foreign assignment. InterNations is the leading platform among expatriates and global minds in all countries around the world. Needless to say, our community of Greek expats in Germany is going very strong, with members having roots all across Greece - from Thessaloniki, over Larissa to Athens.

Wikipedia: Greeks in Germany.