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How can you make ALLILON more useful to our community

1.       You can help our network reach more younger compatriotes who can benefit from ALLILON's mentors

You can "like" and "share" our page in Facebook and you can invite your friends to do the same. You can invite friends and connections to join our group in LinkedIn particularly younger compatriots who need guidance in their professional next steps. You can also subscribe to our videos on Youtube and follow our tweets.You can also apply to join our mentors' network, help us identify other potential mentors, or make use of our Mentors yourself.  

2.       Post useful information for other members

You can easily share with the rest of the membership any useful information that you may have concerning studies, career and entrepreneurship. You can post directly in LinkedIn or send it to our Communication Team through the "communication(at)" form or in any other written form. At ALLILONnet we believe in meritocracy and full transparency thus the wider the dissemination of the information the better. You may also choose to share your information on Facebook where non-members also have access. If you have jobs or internships opportunities to offer you may have a look at the profiles of our members in LinkedIn, or at their profiles in our website where members often express more specifically what they are looking for. 

3.       Post information that is useful to you

Use again the LinkedIn or the "Sharing with other members" form from our website or get in contact with ALLILONnet’s Communication Team, if you wish to share your cooperation proposal, to seek advice, to present your business idea or your search for partnerships or investments etc. 

4.       Get in touch with other members

If you think that other members may be useful to you, put forward your own requests directly and individually to relevant members. 

5.      Become a Mentor or an investor

Share your knowledge by becoming Mentor in either fields of studies, career, entrepreneurship or Greek exports.To become a mentor please visit the ‘become a mentor’ page via your profile. If you are interested to invest in Greece please inform the Communication team. 

6.       If you are an entrepreneur in Greece

Share you potential initiatives providing opportunities for professional training and insertion to young people. We believe that under the current difficult circumstances, there is a huge space for both solidarity and mutually benefit between, on the one hand, the companies and independent professionals operating in Greece, and, on the other hand, the talented youth of Greece. Please also look point 2 above. 

7.       If you are a Greek entrepreneur abroad

Consider what business ideas and practices may be useful in Greece and how they can be transferred. Greece needs more entrepreneurship and private initiative. If you are interested in investing in Greece, you might find collaboration opportunities with ALLILONnet members. If you do not wish to invest directly, you can consider offering for example training opportunities to young Greeks and eventually guide them towards the implementation of your business ideas in Greece. You can simply share your experiences and ideas with members of ALLILONnet, eventually become a mentor.

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