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How can ALLILON work for you

The network of ALLILON is a tool advancing communication, networking and cooperation.


• Younger Members who are trying to develop their education, their career, their business or create a start-up may:

  • post their resumes on our website, in a manner accessible to all members, identifying their goals and aspirations
  • share directly through LinkedIn and ALLILON’s website, specific queries, suggestions and new ideas about studies, career, business partnerships or new initiatives
  • search through the profiles of ALLILON’s members (on LinkedIn and on the website), or ALLILON’s Mentors (on the website), and get in touch on a ‘one to one’ basis


• Members who are specifically looking for work please look in more detail the possibilities ALLILON is offering to you


• Members, experienced professionals or established businessmen, may:

  • answer the queries they might receive from other usually younger members
  • follow the demands and queries of our younger members (shared through posts and in CVs) and on their own initiative contribute in every possible way by offering their experience
  • share on ALLILON’s website (or on Linkedin or Facebook) any kind of professional or business advice and information that may be helpful to other members
  • present employment or training opportunities they can offer or recommend to younger members


• Members Mentors or Investors may look for specific proposals and initiatives, from the various posts or profiles, where they could offer support and cooperation


• Members from Companies in Greece may:

  • present employment or professional training opportunities their companies
  • follow the demands and queries of our younger members (shared through posts and in CVs)


• Members from Companies in other countries, or Members with business experience may:

  • present job offers, investments or partnerships opportunities addressed mainly to young Greeks in areas where business concepts and practices can be helpful in Greece, where training and guidance in the implementation may be a decisive success factors,  with the aim to contribute to the overall consolidation of economic activities in Greece.
  • follow the demands and queries of our younger members (shared through posts and in CVs
  • ALLILONnet through the involvement of its members becomes a place of solidarity and creativity, of innovative ideas, cooperation proposals and opportunities, based on personal commitment and initiative.  
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