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Davin Foodscompany member of ALLILONnet in United Kingdom, register by our member Themistoklis Papathanasis

About Davin Foods:

Davin Foods supply some of the most prestigious hotels, banqueting venues and event caterers in the country with top quality fresh prepared vegetables, fruit, salads and juices.

Ο μέντοράς μας Πάνος Σκλιάμης,είναι Μέντορας της ΆΛΛΗΛΟΝ σε θέματα Επιχειρηματικότητας.

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O μέντοράς μας Ιωάννης Ορφανός, είναι μέντορας της ΆΛΛΗΛΟΝ 

σε θέματα Καριέρας και Επιχειρηματικότητας (Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Real Estate & Clean Tech fields).

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Ithaka-acm  is register by our member Eva Mantzourani

Life is a journey. We set out full of enthusiasm, hopes and dreams. We want to spread our message and enlighten the world. But the journey is not always smooth and untroubled. We travel for a while, have life-inspiring experiences, encounter and overcome hazards, diversions and our personal demons, and ultimately reach a destination that may be different from the one we initially aimed for.

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Ioannis Orfanos

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