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Support & Contributions


We warmly thank our volunteers who invested precious time and effort with ALLILON:

  • Andreas Milioni and his team at Filothea Company, for the extremely generous offer and the free development of the current website ALLILONnet.
  • The Law firm G.C. Economou & Associates, email: for the legal support they graciously provided during the setting up of ALLILONnet under Greek law. We are particularly grateful to Mr D. Elefteriadis
  • Our Local and Thematic Coordinators until March 2013 who offered their valuable contribution during ALLILONnet's firt phase of development: Aira Htenas (Washington DC, USA), Constantina Koulosousas (New Jersey, USA), Mike Sarris (Los Angeles, USA), George Dikeos ( Nicosia, Cyprus), Andreas Hatzigeorgiou (Stockholm, Sweden), George Makridis (professional use of internet), Peter Chatziplis (Greek exports)
  • Mrs. Christelle Pangratis for her participation from the early days of this initiative and her participation to the communication team until the summer 2012
  • Mr. Thomas Bebis, for developing free of charge the ALLΙLONnet website and for his participation to the communication team during 2011
  • Mr. Spyros Floudas for his participation to the Communication Team between end 2011 and April 2012
  • Mr. George Sioutis for his participation to the Communication Team during 2013 and 2014
  • Mr. George Mermigkas for his participation to the Communication Team during 2012 and 2013
  • Mr. Elias G. Carayannis for his participation to the Advisory Board until December of 2013
  • Mr. Chrysosthenis Taslis for his participation as a Welcoming Mentor until May 2015
  • German product- & interaction designer Mrs. Eva-Nina Kunze for creating the ALLΙLONnet logos and artwork

Ioannis Fotakis

Ioannis Fotakis

Local Coordinator Switzerland

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