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StartupAus: Helping Australian startups work together

Start-up AustraliaAs a successful investor in the life-sciences sector for over 15 years, we understand the key strategic factors which need to be put in place to grow a business, raise finance, deliver on operational goals and realise financial rewards.

Startup Australia: This is an open wiki listing many resources useful for IT/web/technology entrepreneurs in Australia. Please add your startup in the Startups section and add any other useful info. No registration required

Startup Muster is the largest survey of the Australian startup community, run by Murray Hurps with research/design help from Richard Kroon, promotional help from Thai Huynh, and statistical/methodology help from Monica Wulff and Ryan Defina. We started this survey to help show government, investors and the media what's really happening in the Australian startup scene

Silicon Beach: A study of the Australian Startup Ecosystem

The Fetch Blog: Startup Incubators and Accelerators in Australia

The world's best start-up hubs: Melbourne, Australia: an article from The world's best start-up hubs series, to read more about this you can visit the series homepage.



General Information for Germany - Γενικές Πληροφορίες για την Γερμανία

Facts about Australia: Learn all about our cities, states and territories, what the weather is like, time zones, currency, facts about our unique plants and animals and information on Australian visa entry requirements.

 Visit Australia - Travel & Tour Information - Tourism Australia


Residence Documents – Έγγραφα Διαμονής

 Visit Australia: Australia Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Work in Australia : Australia Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Travel documents for entry to Australia : Australia Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Visa Application Document Checklists : Australia Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection


Real Estate – Ακίνητα





Greek Embassy – Ελληνική Πρεσβεία

Useful Addresses for Greek Entrepreneurs – Χρήσιμες Διευθύνσεις για Έλληνες Επιχειρηματίες

Greek Embassy: Doing business with Australia

Greek Schools – Ελληνικά Σχολεία

List of Greek schools in Australia

Greek education in Australia

Greek Communities, Societies – Ελληνικές Κοινότητες, Σύλλογοι

Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria 

Greeks in Victoria

Australian Hellenic Council

GAPA: Greek Australian Professionals Association


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