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Welcome to ALLILONnet


ALLILONnet is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit initiative of Greeks and friends of Greece who share the vision that Greece will emerge from the current crisis by becoming a more productive and competitive economy at the global level, decisively turned towards entrepreneurship and innovation and which will at the same time foster more social cohesion and solidarity.


Greece finds itself in one of those defining moments in history, where each individual is required to commit to the wider common purpose acting proactively, with determination and with a spirit of solidarity and volunteering when needed.


The first objective of ALLILONnet  is to promote the spirit of solidarity in the professional field amongst Greeks and friends of Greece, in all layers of the society in the country and around the world and pursue this objective in ways that can be directly beneficial to many, particularly the youth.


The second goal  is to promote entrepreneurship. Today's dramatic unemployment, especially among the youth, cannot be adressed and sustainable growth cannot return without a radical improvement of the business environment and without a profound change of the overall mind set of the society in favor of productivity and innovation based entrepreneurship.


ALLILONnet is a network which facilitates communication between its members and beyond . It is an expanding group of people, of all ages, who are willing to communicate, to cooperate and to share their experiences, ideas and initiatives. Each member has something to give and something to receive. For many, ALLILONnet is an immediately useful tool. For everyone, it is a means to promote a message of initiative, creativity, cooperation, mutual encouragement and overall solidarity. ALLILONnet is solely funded by its members. It accepts no affiliation with political parties nor does it seek affiliation or funding from State institutions.

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