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This page presents communication initiatives by ALLILONnet and by individual members promoting the values of personal initiative and volunteering in Greece and encouraging particularly citizens to move towards a more entrepreneurial and innovative society.


Our members can suggest and promote, individually or in groups, proposals concerning legal, managerial and social reforms and particularly concerning improvements of policies and initiatives of the public sector that can assist in making Greece a country friendly to entrepreneurship and new initiatives. These proposals are published on behalf of individual members in order to promote public dialogue. In special cases, they can be approved by the Coordinating Board and promoted in more direct ways by ALLILONnet towards relevant authorities, other stakeholders and the broader society.


A. Writing about ALLILONnet,ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝnet, 16 June 2014, "Βοηθάμε Αλλήλους!", 27 April 2012 Forum, 23 April 2012 forum, 29 May 2012

Student Guru, 25 March 2012 forum, 2012


B. Articles and Publications - ALLILONnet members

Joseph Sifakis, The Internet of Things - The Ultimate ICT Revolution(Video), March 2015

Joseph Sifakis, article for newspaper Ναυτεμπορική ''Πρέπει να κατακτήσουμε τα αυτονόητα'', February 2015

Josef Sikais, ''Λανθασμένες Προσεγγίσεις'', January 2015

Joseph Sifakis, article for newspaper Kathimerini - "Το παρόν και το μέλλον της Πληροφορικής", 19 September 2013

Joseph Sifakis, article for newspaper Το Βήμα της Κυριακής - "Ψηφιακά αναλφάβητο το Νέο Λύκειο", 1 September 2013

Joseph Sifakis, interview for magazine insert To Βήμα - Science - "Ιωσήφ Σηφάκης: ο κυβερνο-πλατωνιστής", 21 July 2013

Panagiotis Pournaras, Αλληλοβοήθεια για σπουδές / εργασία μέσω ίντερνετ interview with AMPE , 24 February 2013

AngelosPangratis, Ελληνισμός με αυτοπεποίθηση και εμπιστοσύνη, 10 February 2013

Andreas Milionis "Greece, There is hope" and the role of ALLILONnet

Angelos Pangratis, interview for newspaper "Καθημερινή", 24 June 2012

Elias Carayannis, "Reboot: The Hellenic Education Ecosystem", June 2012 

Angelos Pangratis, interview for newspaper "Επενδυτής", 6 May 2012

Elias Carayannis, "Why we should all be Allocentric "PIG"s ", May 2012

Elias Carayannis, "Allocentrism Piloting the Hellenic-American Innovation Bridge", February 2012

Elias Carayannis, "From Tactical Fragmentation to Strategic Integration: The Open Innovation Diplomacy Concept and The Hellenic-American Innovation Bridge." December 2010


C. Radio and TV - ALLILONnet members

1.1) Angelos Pangratis, interview at START TV - part A, 21 August 2012

1.2)Angelos Pangratis, interview at START TV - part B, 21 August 2012


D. Publications of special interest from non-members

Roger D. Kornberg, Nobel prize in chemistry 2006, talks about the potential and the right policies for Greece in S&T, June 2014


The main purpose of ALLILON is to create a framework of greater solidarity in the professional field, in all layers of the Greek Society and among Greeks and friends of Greece around the world, especially in favor of the youth of Greece. Joining and participating in ALLILON is free of any charge. Our members support the goals of ALLILONnet and decide the extent of their involvement. Our members may choose to become:  

Membersthey can communicate with other members and the managing structure - mainly with the Communication Team - and take part in events organized by ALLILON. Our members know each other through their participation in our Linkedin member's area and our website. All members commit to respond to the best of their ability when asked by another member about their experience of study, career and/or entrepreneurship. The answers must be free of any charge and should endeavour to advice, guide or support usually younger members who are seeking new opportunities and new horizons in their career or in their business initiatives. 


Mentors: all members of ALLILON agree to answer questions from other members. Some members are willing to answer questions repeatedly and in greater depth. They are the Mentors of ALLILON and are categorized as: "Welcoming", "Studies", "Career" and "Entrepreneurship".


Investors: they are members who are potentially interested in contributing mainly to the startup capital of new entrepreneurial ventures ("Angels") or that are generally interested in investing in Greece.


Companies: can now become ALLILONnet members too. Any individual member may enroll the organization or company he/she works for also as a member of ALLILONnet by filing in the relevant part of his/her individual profile. By doing so, members concerned also make themselves the connection between ALLILONnet and their company or organization.




Our members can opt to become premium members by paying an annual fee and gaining access to the following rights:







You can become a sponsor of ALLILONnet with a one-time contribution, gaining access to the following rights:



Membership to ALLILON's network is and will remain at no cost to our members and the companies or organizations that may represent our network.

Each member of ALLILLON's network shares ALLILLON's values, vision and goals and contributes to making ALLILLON a place of creativity, solidarity, progress and empathy for all members.

Any member wishing to deepen this relationship and more actively support ALLILON's initiatives and actions may decide to become a mentor or local coordinator of the city or country or country or specific mission or to engage in other roles within the networks. .

Each of our members can decide to become a silver or gold member, thus supporting ALLILON and gaining access to additional rights.

The financial support of ALLILLON is very important and allows ALLILLON to function effectively.



Angelos Pangratis

The creation of ALLILONnet was the initiative of its now honorary president Angelos Pangratis which started, along with some friends in Washington DC and reached its final form in 2012 in Geneva. His involvement with ALLILONnet has always been strictly on personal capacity without any affiliation with his functions with the European Union. 

ALLILONnet up to this moment is exclusively supported by voluntary contributions from its members.

All ALLILONnet members are volunteers and act within ALLILONnet fully voluntarily and without personal gain.

       Organisation chart

 organigramme eng2



The ALLILONnet network is developed by the non-profit Civil Partnership (Astiki etaireia under Greek law) ALLILONnet

The Steering Committee: the Committee approves New Members, Mentors, Local Coordinators and those in charge of ALLILONnet projects and other activities. It takes decisions on all matters concerning the network. The current Steering Committee is composed of Georgios Pangratis and Mr. Dimitris Kokkinos


The Advisory Board/ Administrative Council

The Advisory Board consists of reknown academics, professionals and entrepreneurs. It advises the Coordinating Board on all matters. The current Advisory Board and Administrative Council consist of: Angelos PangratisDr. Georgios Fradelos, Emmanuel Damigos, Margarita Akritidou,  Dr. Mary PapaschinopoulouVirginia Marantidou, Georgios Kritikos, Olga Cosmidou, Kleanthis Gavrielides, Elissavet Lykogianni and Dr Olga Alexakos

The Communication Team: is responsible for the daily management and operations of ALLILONnet, based on directions set out by the Advisory Board: 

  • It manages the website
  • It receives applications from New Members and Mentors
  • Responds to queries and requests and helps communication among Members
  • Supports the flow of information to the Members through the website and social media.

The present Communications Team is comprised of: Maria ChristofilisAlexandros PangratisVirginia Marantidou, Eleni Giagkoudi and Alexandra Yfanti.

Local Coordinators: these are ALILLONnet's recognized points of contact in each city.

Currently, our local coordinators outside Greece are:

Allilon Belgium LC: Evangelos Marios Kemos, Members of Local Coordinators Belgium: Maria NikologianniOdysseas KonstantinakosYiannis Korkovelos

LC Austria: Chrysosthenis Taslis. LC New /York: Olga Alexakos. LC Geneva: Yannis Fotakis. LC Irland: Kyriakos Kostarelos and LC England: Ioannis Orfanos

In Greece: LC Corfu:Andreas Agathos. LC Patras: Kotsifas Andreas. LC Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: Anthi Akritidou.

LC Allilon Athens: Sofia KallianteriMaria Christofillis,  Tilemachos Moraitis. LC Piraeus University: Maria Oikonomou.



Fundraising team :Μary Papasxinopoulou and Αlexis Hatzioannou.


1. One to One Communication between members

Each and every member of ALLILONnet has agreed to answer to the best of his abilities any professional or study related questions asked to him by other members. Thus ALLILONnet is an area of ​​solidarity in the professional field, which is constantly expanding. One-to-one communication is facilitated first through "ALLILON MEMBERS AREA" on LinkedIn, where each member can view the CV of the majority of our members and secondly through the ALLILON MEMBERS AREA network, which is located at the "Member's Area "part of our site.

2. Strategic Mentoring 

Provided mainly on a "one-on-one" basis, it is based on pure Professional Solidarity principles as well as on the general operating principles of ALLILONnet. It is an important element of the uniqueness of ALLILON's network. It focuses on counseling and networking for the important decisions a young person has to make in his or her studies, career and career development, as well as his or her business initiatives.

To better inform young people about the opportunities offered by its mentors' network, ALLILONnet  is developing partnerships with higher education institutions such as the University of Piraeus, ALBA, EPLO, New York College, as well as organizations with significant youth participation such as the Panagia Soumela Association and the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

3. Communication support and collaboration between members 

Members can easily exchange their business searches, useful information about themselves or other members, collaboration suggestions, new ideas and initiatives. This is done on LinkedIn where the vast majority of members participate, but also through ALLILONnet's website which is the general means of communication between members. All members have access to it, and useful links and information are also posted. Our members make cooperative suggestions or offers with discounts (e.g. training seminars) or donations to other members. Our members are looking for associates among members or offer jobs or trainings. Our mentors are not only involved in mentoring, they are also pillars of promoting partnerships in their field.

4. Flow of information from ALLILONnet

A constant flow of information for our members but also for the wider society in order to spread the network and promote its principles and values. ALLILON mainly uses LinkedIn and its website. It also uses Facebook as well as Twitter and other media such as interviews, meetings, seminars, etc.

5. Periodic networking meetings

These meetings are open to all and are organized in the countries or towns were ALLILONnet has Local Coordinators. These networking meetings and events are open to all its members. They usually concentrate on issues that promote solidarity amongst members in the professional sector.

6. Donations of furniture -after DROMEA's withdrawals in Brussels- mainly to schools across the country of Greece

These donations began in 2017 and by June 2019 more than 1,000 lightly used pieces of furniture have been donated after having been withdrawn by DROMEAS from the European Commission offices in Brussels, mainly in schools of all levels, hospitals and other charitable organizations in Greece and in particular in Attica, Corfu, Naoussa, Veria, Serres, Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Chalkida, Dorida and Brussels.

7. Donations of computers out of the European Parliament mainly to schools

During the first half of 2019, 400 PCs withdrawn from the European Parliament in Brussels, were donated mainly to schools, hospitals, institutions and NGOs in Attica, Patras, Boeotia, Corfu, Naoussa, Veria, Kastoria.

These computers are used for the immediate education of more than 1800 children, adolescents and young people in technology. Schools and institutions receiving these computers were able to build new or to refurbish laboratories, to upgrade libraries and classrooms, to improve offices and workplaces for their staff.

8. Other ad hoc projects

ALLILONnet may support and develop its own targeted initiatives, or participate in any way through independent initiatives, events or studies of its members that promote the same or related values ​​and goals.

Examples of such initiatives in recent years:

- Support of victims of fire disaster in Mati Attica in 2018 (fundraiser with other Greek organizations and organizations in Brussels) (

- Collaboration for Donation of Computers in Attica with "EPANEKINISSIS", an organization created by ALLILLON members  (

- Yes forum (

- Collaboration with the Bodosakis Foundation  (



ALLILONnet is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit initiative of Greeks and friends of Greece who share the vision that Greece will emerge from the current crisis by becoming a more productive and competitive economy at the global level, decisively turned towards entrepreneurship and innovation and which will at the same time foster more social cohesion and solidarity.


Greece finds itself in one of those defining moments in history, where each individual is required to commit to the wider common purpose acting proactively, with determination and with a spirit of solidarity and volunteering when needed.


The first objective of ALLILONnet  is to promote the spirit of solidarity in the professional field amongst Greeks and friends of Greece, in all layers of the society in the country and around the world and pursue this objective in ways that can be directly beneficial to many, particularly the youth.


The second goal  is to promote entrepreneurship. Today's dramatic unemployment, especially among the youth, cannot be adressed and sustainable growth cannot return without a radical improvement of the business environment and without a profound change of the overall mind set of the society in favor of productivity and innovation based entrepreneurship.


ALLILONnet is a network which facilitates communication between its members and beyond . It is an expanding group of people, of all ages, who are willing to communicate, to cooperate and to share their experiences, ideas and initiatives. Each member has something to give and something to receive. For many, ALLILONnet is an immediately useful tool. For everyone, it is a means to promote a message of initiative, creativity, cooperation, mutual encouragement and overall solidarity. ALLILONnet is solely funded by its members. It accepts no affiliation with political parties nor does it seek affiliation or funding from State institutions.


Πραγματοποιήθηκε την Παρασκευή Παρασκευή 24 Μαρτίου στις Βρυξέλλες η ομιλία του  ιδρυτή της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ κ. Άγγελου Παγκράτη στην εκδήλωση του Ελληνικού Επιχειρηματικού Δκτύου Βucephalos στο οποίο ήταν καλεσμένος με την ιδιότητα του ως Ειδικός Συντονιστής (με βαθμό Γενικού Διευθυντή), υπεύθυνος για την Ευρωπαϊκή Οικονομική Διπλωματία στην Ευρωπαϊκή Υπηρεσία Εξωτερικής Δράσης, με θέμα:

«Η μετάλλαξη της παγκόσμιας οικονομίας και η ανάγκη μιας νέας ευρωπαϊκής και ελληνικής οικονομικής διπλωματίας»


Ο Γιώργος Μακρίδης, ένας από τους ανθρώπους που ξεκίνησαν την ΕΠΑΝΕΚΚΙΝΗΣΙΣ που προέκυψε πριν από 2 χρόνια από ένα γκρουπ μελών της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝnet, και η Σοφία Καλλιαντέρη Τοπική Συντονίστρια της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ στην Αθήνα, παρουσίασαν τις δράσεις του ΕΠΑΝΕΚΚΙΝΗΣΙΣ και αναφέρθηκαν στον σκοπό και τους στόχους την ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ.

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