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The main purpose of ALLILON is to create a framework of greater solidarity in the professional field, in all layers of the Greek Society and among Greeks and friends of Greece around the world, especially in favor of the youth of Greece. Joining and participating in ALLILON is free of any charge. Our members support the goals of ALLILONnet and decide the extent of their involvement. Our members may choose to become:  

Membersthey can communicate with other members and the managing structure - mainly with the Communication Team - and take part in events organized by ALLILON. Our members know each other through their participation in our Linkedin member's area and our website. All members commit to respond to the best of their ability when asked by another member about their experience of study, career and/or entrepreneurship. The answers must be free of any charge and should endeavour to advice, guide or support usually younger members who are seeking new opportunities and new horizons in their career or in their business initiatives. 


Mentors: all members of ALLILON agree to answer questions from other members. Some members are willing to answer questions repeatedly and in greater depth. They are the Mentors of ALLILON and are categorized as: "Welcoming", "Studies", "Career" and "Entrepreneurship".


Investors: they are members who are potentially interested in contributing mainly to the startup capital of new entrepreneurial ventures ("Angels") or that are generally interested in investing in Greece.


Companies: can now become ALLILONnet members too. Any individual member may enroll the organization or company he/she works for also as a member of ALLILONnet by filing in the relevant part of his/her individual profile. By doing so, members concerned also make themselves the connection between ALLILONnet and their company or organization.



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