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1. One to One Communication between members

Each and every member of ALLILONnet has agreed to answer to the best of his abilities any professional or study related questions asked to him by other members. Thus ALLILONnet is an area of ​​solidarity in the professional field, which is constantly expanding. One-to-one communication is facilitated first through "ALLILON MEMBERS AREA" on LinkedIn, where each member can view the CV of the majority of our members and secondly through the ALLILON MEMBERS AREA network, which is located at the "Member's Area "part of our site.

2. Strategic Mentoring 

Provided mainly on a "one-on-one" basis, it is based on pure Professional Solidarity principles as well as on the general operating principles of ALLILONnet. It is an important element of the uniqueness of ALLILON's network. It focuses on counseling and networking for the important decisions a young person has to make in his or her studies, career and career development, as well as his or her business initiatives.

To better inform young people about the opportunities offered by its mentors' network, ALLILONnet  is developing partnerships with higher education institutions such as the University of Piraeus, ALBA, EPLO, New York College, as well as organizations with significant youth participation such as the Panagia Soumela Association and the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

3. Communication support and collaboration between members 

Members can easily exchange their business searches, useful information about themselves or other members, collaboration suggestions, new ideas and initiatives. This is done on LinkedIn where the vast majority of members participate, but also through ALLILONnet's website which is the general means of communication between members. All members have access to it, and useful links and information are also posted. Our members make cooperative suggestions or offers with discounts (e.g. training seminars) or donations to other members. Our members are looking for associates among members or offer jobs or trainings. Our mentors are not only involved in mentoring, they are also pillars of promoting partnerships in their field.

4. Flow of information from ALLILONnet

A constant flow of information for our members but also for the wider society in order to spread the network and promote its principles and values. ALLILON mainly uses LinkedIn and its website. It also uses Facebook as well as Twitter and other media such as interviews, meetings, seminars, etc.

5. Periodic networking meetings

These meetings are open to all and are organized in the countries or towns were ALLILONnet has Local Coordinators. These networking meetings and events are open to all its members. They usually concentrate on issues that promote solidarity amongst members in the professional sector.

6. Donations of furniture -after DROMEA's withdrawals in Brussels- mainly to schools across the country of Greece

These donations began in 2017 and by June 2019 more than 1,000 lightly used pieces of furniture have been donated after having been withdrawn by DROMEAS from the European Commission offices in Brussels, mainly in schools of all levels, hospitals and other charitable organizations in Greece and in particular in Attica, Corfu, Naoussa, Veria, Serres, Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Chalkida, Dorida and Brussels.

7. Donations of computers out of the European Parliament mainly to schools

During the first half of 2019, 400 PCs withdrawn from the European Parliament in Brussels, were donated mainly to schools, hospitals, institutions and NGOs in Attica, Patras, Boeotia, Corfu, Naoussa, Veria, Kastoria.

These computers are used for the immediate education of more than 1800 children, adolescents and young people in technology. Schools and institutions receiving these computers were able to build new or to refurbish laboratories, to upgrade libraries and classrooms, to improve offices and workplaces for their staff.

8. Other ad hoc projects

ALLILONnet may support and develop its own targeted initiatives, or participate in any way through independent initiatives, events or studies of its members that promote the same or related values ​​and goals.

Examples of such initiatives in recent years:

- Support of victims of fire disaster in Mati Attica in 2018 (fundraiser with other Greek organizations and organizations in Brussels) (

- Collaboration for Donation of Computers in Attica with "EPANEKINISSIS", an organization created by ALLILLON members  (

- Yes forum (

- Collaboration with the Bodosakis Foundation  (


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