Activities - Allilonnet


1. One to One Communication between members

To enable members and particularly the younger generation in Greece to communicate ("One-to-One") with other members or mentors willing to share their own educational and professional experience, with special focus on Studies, Career, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This is facilitated through the "ALLILON MEMBERS AREA" on LinkedIn where most of our members participate and their CV information is available to each other as well as through our "only for members" part of this website, which includes all necessary information on our network of Mentors.


2. Exchange of new ideas, proposals and opportunities

To support and encourage members to exchange new and innovative ideas, as well as concrete opportunities and proposals. This takes place in our group area on LinkedIn where most of our members participate and in this website where all members have access.


3. Creative Mentoring

Mentoring is mainly offered on a 'one-to-one", basis. Established upon clear principles of professional solidarity and the general operating principles of ALLILONnet. It is an important element of the uniqueness of the ALLILONnet network.


4. Flow of information from ALLILONnet

Provided to its members but also to the wider public for the expansion of the network and the promotion of its principles and values. ALLILONnet essentially uses two platforms: LinkedIn and its website but also uses Facebook and Twitter and other means such as interviews, meetings, seminars etc. In 2015 will begin our webinar presentations organised by members and mentors.


5. Periodic networking meetings

These meetings are open to all and are organized in the countries or towns were ALLILONnet has Local Coordinators. These meetings usually take place every for months and are concentrated on issues that promote solidarity amongst members in the professional sector.


6. Individual Projects

ALLILONnet can endorse and sponsor or otherwise support projects and initiatives of its members that promote its core values.



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