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ALLILONnet Young Mentor Kyriakos Kostarelos: Free Mentoring on Student Life, Studies and Career Entry

 Ο κύριος Kυριάκος Κωσταρέλος είναι μέντορας της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ στον τομέα Σπουδών και Καριέρας και Τοπικός Συντονιστής της ΆΛΛΗΛΟΝnet Ιρλανδίας. 

Our mentor


Kyriakos Kostarelos offers free mentoring to High School and University-level Students, who are located and study in Greece and wish to choose the right faculty for their education and/or wish to start their career in the best possible way, through volunteering, internships etc.


Mentor's experience and current occupation

Kyriakos Kostarelos has graduated in Political Science and Public Administration (UoA), has successfully completed four internships and various projects, is an active member (and participated directly or indirectly) in various Non-Profit NGOs and social initiatives.

He is now Trainee Tax Adviser at Baker Tilly Ireland L.L.P , assisting in Tax Compliance and Tax Consultancy – Parallel to Irish Tax Institute CTA curriculum.

Mentor's location

Kyriakos Kostarelos is located in Ireland but he is also able to travel in nearby areas if required.


Possible beneficiaries 

The mentor:

(a) focuses on his/her initial, generic goals, ignoring partially the current discouraging environment of uncertainty, due to the crisis,

(b) through regular communication, information and interaction he/she ‘ll be able to assess circumstances and readjust his/her short and medium term academic and career goals.

The mentee:

(c) will be taught how to interact in various social and other networking events in order to create new opportunities and possibilities.

During his/her academic life, the mentee

(d) will learn how to search, create and take full advantage of any occasions for a great entry in his/her industry, in order for him/her to start their desired career. 


(e) will also become familiar with a few effective methods for searching the proper master and/or doctoral degrees, as well as related supporting measures, such as scholarships, in-school employment etc.

Finally, the mentee

(f) will have regular communication and in teraction with a person of his age, with similar aspects and life goals, enforcing a common sense and a common understanding.


Professional experience

 attached CV 




with Mr Kostarelos Here

 Webinar 2016

Εκπαίδευση στην Εργασία: Ο θεσμός της Μαθητείας και της Πρακτικής Άσκησης



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