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Become a Mentor and support your generation!

Are you a student and/or have recently started your professional life? Do you wish to share your knowledge and help others, to meet and exchange experiences with fellow young members?

Join us now and become a "Young Mentor" as part of our new "Young Mentors Program"and help fellow members of your generation to make their first concrete steps.  

We now encourage young people usually still in their 20's or very early 30's with few years of professional experience or with a recent post-graduate degree to become "Young Mentors" of ALLILONnet in order to guide younger members who follow the same or a similar educational or professional path.The mission of the "Young Mentors" is similar to that of all ALLILON mentors but usually more focused on a specific diploma or targetted professional insertion efforts.



Join our new and dynamic initiative.

Become a "Young Mentor" !!


pdf iconCreative and Strategic Mentoring: what it is and how it works       

pdf iconΓενικοί όροι εθελοντικής απασχόλησης- Μέντορες

pdf iconTerms of volunteer work of ALLILON Mentors


To become a Young Mentor, please fill in the following form. 

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Name: John-Al

Surname: Manolopoulos

Title: John-Al Manolopoulos, Young Mentor of ALLILON, offers  free mentoring for university and college students on networking and career development in the global health & UN networks. 

E-mail: _@_._

Experience and current occupation : John-Al  completed his BA in molecular biology, with practical experience in structural biochemistry.

He worked for 2 years with UNAIDS in Geneva on issues related to global health and particularly infectious disease.

Attached CV: File attached

Mentor's location: country, city:Currently based in California, USA.

Possible  Beneficiaries:John-Al is happy to share his network and experience with:

- young professionals and students interested in establishing a career in public health

- younger students interested in furthering their education in the US or London and

- graduates interested to pursue professional opportunities in Europe or California 

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