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Principles and Procedures


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  1. A.ALLILON already has more than 150 mentors ready to help. Mentors are classified into three categories:           

Mentors for Studies         

Mentors for Career      

Mentors for Entrepreneurship

  1. B.Mentoring of ALLILLON has some strong and unique characteristics:
  2. It is fully focused on the needs of the mentee, with one-to-one meetings and communication. Thus, for example, students graduating from universities will be able to meet mentors of ALLILON who can be:
    1. More advanced students or young professionals (Young Mentors in ALLILON)
    2. Professors
    3. Professionals in many areas, activities and careers
    4. Entrepreneurs or executives specializing in the core dimensions of entrepreneurship (innovation, startups, exports, etc.)

The same approach is valid not only for student but for all young and less young professionals, craftsmen, exporters, farmers, etc., who are trying to start or expand their careers and activities.

  1. It is strategic in its approach, aiming at providing guidance based on real life experience on the important choices the mentee is facing in his/her efforts to improve his/her professional prospects, involving for example:
    1. a.the next stage of postgraduate studies, or
    2. the professional integration, or
    3. the next career steps, or
    4. the creation of a carrier mapping, or
    5. the creation of a new company, or
    6. the expansion of the activities of an existing company, or
    7. the acquisition of required skills, etc.
  2. ALLILON mentors also pay particular attention to the proper and effective networking to reach the mentee's goals.
  1. Our mentors remain strictly volunteers and offer their advice in the context of ALLILON free of charge.
  2. Our mentors are initially appointed for a period of less than two years (until the 31st of December of the following year). An honorary diploma will be issued to each mentor for the given period. At its expiration, the honorary diploma may be renewed for a further period of two years. In order to issue the relevant diploma to existing mentors, we need to confirm that the mentor remains active and committed to help younger members of ALLILON.
  3. Potential mentees will have access to mentors only through a "Certificate of Mentorship" issued by our Communication Team.
  4. The candidate mentee should as a first step complete the relevant form on the website of ALLILON and then, after receiving the necessary certificate from the Communication Team, contact the mentor(s) chosen.
  5. This process also allows us to check the flow of questions that a mentor might receive, who may not be fully or at all times available (workload etc).
  6. Finally, in order to ensure the quality of the whole process, the participants, mentors and mentees, will receive short evaluation questionnaires
  7. As part of this effort, we also created the "Young Mentors Program". This program is mainly aimed at recent Postgraduates, as well as young professionals with some years of professional experience. With their recent experience, either from their studies or from their professional integration, Young Mentors can be a dynamic model of study or career for younger people who are interested in taking appropriate courses of study or careers and need guidance.
  8. If you are intersted to become a Mentor or Young Mentor? Learn more here   
  9. Want to find a mentor?   Search here





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