ALLILONnet Mentor George Eglezakis offers free mentoring in the field of Accounting - Allilonnet

ALLILONnet Mentor George Eglezakis offers free mentoring in the field of Accounting

Ο κ. Γιώργος Εγγλεζάκης είναι Μέντορας της ΆΛΛΗΛΟΝ στον τομέα Καριέρας και Επιχειρηματικότητας.

Our mentor:

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George Eglezakis and the Plan Of Business provide financial management advice for businesses and due to constant changes in the business environment through personalized seminars addressed to business executives as well as graduates universities to strengthen their CV in the increasingly demanding labor market.
Experience and current occupation: George Eglezakis is a Class A Accountant and tax consultant. He comes from a family with a tradition in Accounting, Finance and Commerce, with origins from Egypt and Athens.
He studied Management and Economy with Specialization in Accounting at University (TEI) of Piraeus, and graduated in 2002. He is actively involved in the field of Accounting since 2004 until today as an accounting officer in companies with various tasks.
Throughout his career up to today, he has collaborated with companies activated in the field of construction, marketing, service and tourism industry.
Since the first day of Plan of Business operation, George Eglezakis has focused on quality customer service and meeting the customers’ needs
Contact with  Mr Eglezakis Here
Professional experience: CV
Mentor's location: George Eglezakis is currently based in Athens, Greece
Possible beneficiaries:
George Eglezakis, having spent 15 years in the economic field, can pass on the knowledge of financial organization and detailed accounting data to:
- Young Greek professionals and graduates in the financial sector who wish to follow a career path in Greece
- New entrepreneurs who work in the field of Accounting
- And learning special programs of data analysis and financial management for young people employed in the Economic section of each business.


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