ALLILONnet Mentor: Stergiopoulou Glykeria offers free Bussiness Mentoring - Allilonnet

ALLILONnet Mentor: Stergiopoulou Glykeria offers free Bussiness Mentoring

H κυρία Στεργιοπούλου Γλυκερία είναι Mentor της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ στον τομέα της Επιχειρηματικότητας και Καριέρας.

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Stergiopoulou Glykeria is able to offer free Business Mentoring.

Member's experience and current occupation

Mrs. Stergiopoulou is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Teletrans Group of Companies. She began her career in 1979, establishing Teletrans S.A, aiming to the transfer of cargo and household goods. Teletrans S.A is a leading international movers company with specialization in moving equipment and furniture from offices and houses. In 2004, she created a travel agent company, Smart Travel with headquarters at Kolonaki, Attika. The year 2006, Mrs Stergiopoulou established the Move Art Company. MOVE ART S.A offers a full range of services relating to packing, transportation, installation & storage services for works of art in Greece and internationally. Mrs Stergiopoulou established the year 2013 a Teletrans office in the center of European Development in Brussels.
Mrs. Stergiopoulou studied in Athens university of Economics and Business.

Member's location


Possible beneficiaries

Mrs Stergiopoulou is happy to share her network and experience with young professionnals and students interested in  establishing a career in Business sector.

Professional experience

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