ALLILONnet Mentor: Tilemachos MORAITIS Offers free Μentoring in the field of Public Administration

Ο κύριος Τηλέμαχος Μωραίτης είναι Μέντορας της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ στον τομέα Καριέρας

Our Member  MORAITIS



Tilemachos MORAITIS offers free mentoring and consulting advice in the field of Public Administration


Member's experience and current occupation (summary)



In the last six years Mr. Moraitis has been occupied in the public sector holding senior administrative positions (Sec. Exec. and Sec. Gen) in Regional Governments. He has been especially involved in projects related to e-Governance, Smart Cities Technologies, Human Resources Management, European Co-Funded Programs and Public Finance.


Member's location


Mr Moraitis is currently based at Chalkida, Greece.


Possible beneficiaries


Mr Moraitis believes he could offer advice to young professionals & graduates who are willing to pursue a carreer in the public sector or are interested in e-Governance, Smart Cities Technologies.


Professional experience (attached CV) Tilemachos MORAITIS CV