Young Mentor STELIOS AVRAMIDIS offers Free Mentoring for Studies in Italy in the field of Economics


Ο κύριος Στέλιος Αβραμίδης είναι Young Mentor της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ στον τομέα Σπουδών.


Our member


Stelios Avramidis offers free mentoring on Networking, Career Development, for university and college students who want to study in Italy at Bocconi University and/or in Copenhagen at CBS university.
Member's experience and current occupation (summary)

Stelios has finished his studies in Italy at Bocconi University in the fields of International Economics, Management and Finance. He has also a Master Degree in Business Administration and Information Systems from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Currently working in retail in Athens. He speaks both Greek and Italian as a mother language. 

Member's location

Currently Based in Athens, Greece.


Possible beneficiaries

Stelios is happy to share his network with young professionals and students interested in establishing a career in Economics, Management, and Finance.


Professional experience (attached CV)

 Stelios Avramidis CV