Mrs. Mougiou Catherine offers free mentoring in the field of HR, Recruiting and studies in France

Η κυρία Κατερίνα Μούγιου είναι Μέντορας της ΆΛΛΗΛΟΝ στους τομείς Σπουδών και Καριέρας.



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Mrs. Mougiou offers free mentoring in HR, Recruiting and studies in France.

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Mrs. Mougiou completed her MS in University of Paris XII in Communications and Human Resources. 

She has five years of professional experience as HR and Recruiter within big international organizations in Europe (Nike, Amazon, Nutanix)

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Currently based in Luxembourg

Possible beneficiaries

Mrs Mougiou will be pleased to share knowledge with the Greek network on the following matters :

i) help with interviews and career orientation related questions

ii) HR and Recruiting questions related to big American organizations in Europe

iii) studies and life in France, and

iv) any other questions related to life and career opportunities to the following countries : France, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Luxembourg

Professional experience

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Mrs Mougiou Catherine CV