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Systemic Therapy: respect of each individual’s different reality


The independent professional Systemic Therapy has been registered by our Member Sotia Mytilinaiou



Sotia was born in Greece and studied Clinical Psychology in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2010 she acquired a post graduate degree in Person Centered Counseling Psychology. She has been living in Brussels since 2011 and during these years she broadened more her educational background and became a Systemic Psychotherapist with a specialization in Systemic Psychodrama.

She is an accredited Psychologist, member of the Belgian Committee of Psychologists ( and an accredited Systemic Counseling psychologist.

Her main value and concern is the respect of each individual’s different reality and her primary goal is to create these helping conditions in the relationship with the person in treatment that will create a trusting and safe environment during each session.

Apart from the individual sessions her love goes also towards group therapy and especially Psychodrama group sessions as she believes that sharing experiences through a group might be more intimidating and sound scary in the beginning but it is an enriching and bonding process that help the participants recognize that they are not the only ones who face difficulties in their personal life and get in touch with their inner self through sharing experiences and thoughts with the other members of the group.

The sessions are done in Greek and English.


Only by appointment

Sotia Mytilinaiou : 0483 - 417192


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