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ALLILONnet Mentor Marina Alamanou: Free mentoring in the field of Life Science


Η κυρία Μαρίνα Αλαμάνου είναι Μέντορας της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ στον τομέα Σπουδών και Καριέρας.


Mentor's experience & current occupation 

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Marina Alamanou has 15 years of experience in academia, start-up companies and multinationals in the areas of: cancer research, preclinical drug development, biomarker discovery research and in vitro diagnostics.

She has strong experience in start up environments and she is
skilled at initiating, administrating and executing across a portfolio of projects harmonizing technical needs with business realities: conceptualization, budgeting, estimation, planning, mentoring, development and testing.


Mentor's location

Marina is currently located in Dublin Ireland and Corfu Greece. 

Possible beneficiaries

Marina believes that she could add value to young scientists and graduates who wish to follow a similar career path across Europe.

In this regard, she offers free advice to:

I) Young Greek professionals and graduates who wish to follow a Life scientist's career path across Europe inside academia or corporations,

II) Young scientists set to become entrepreneurs


Professional experience


Marina Alamanou CV 




with Mrs Alamanou Here


Webminar 31/3/2017             Οι Μέντορες της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ



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