ALLILONnet Mentor Evangelos Delikonstantis: Free Mentoring in the field of Engineering


Ο κύριος Ευάγγελος Δεληκωσταντής είναι Young Mentor της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ στον τομέα Καριέρας και Σπουδών.


Our ΜemberEvangelos Delikonstantis

Evangelos Delikonstantis offers free mentoring and consulting advice in engineering studies (MSc, PhD) and jobs mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


Member's experience & current occupation (summary)

  Mr Delikonstantis holds a diploma in Chemical Engineering and a PDEng in process engineering. He has     recently started his PhD in process engineering for sustainable systems at KU Leuven.

Member's location

Mr Delikonstantis is currently based in Leuven.


Possible beneficiaries

Mr Delikonstantis could help graduates who want to follow MSc/PhD studies or inform current students about other job opportunities within BeNeLux.


Professional experience (attached CV)


CV Evangelos Delikonstantis 


Webminar 31/3/2017      Οι Μέντορες της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ     Δείτε το συνοδευτικό powerpoint της παρουσίασης ΕΔΩ