ALLILONnet Mentor Spyros A. Pappas: Free Mentoring in the field of European Law and Policies


Ο κύριος Σπύρος Παππάς είναι μέντορας της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ στον τομέα Καριέρας & Σπουδών.


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Spyros Pappas offers free mentoring and consulting in the field of European Law and Policies

Member's experience and current occupation (summary)

Mr Pappas is Attorney at Law, Member of the Athens and Brussels Bars;

Founder and Managing Partner of the Law Firm Pappas & Associates, Brussels, (, 

Chairman of the Center of Social Responsibility in the Digital Age (, 

President of the Hellenic Network Brussels (

Member's location

Mr Pappas is currently based in Brussels, Belgium

Possible beneficiaries

Mr Pappas believes that he could add value to young professionals who wish to identify their career path in the public (judiciary-public administration-politics) or in the private domain (independent lawyers-legal counsels-public policy practitioners) either in Greece or abroad and recent graduates who are looking for advice in their next steps.

Professional experience

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