ALLILONnet Mentor Dr. Zissis Chroneos: Free Mentoring in the field of Pediatrics, Microbiology and Immunology



Our Member

Dr. Zissis Chroneos mentors graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and junior faculty


Member's experience and current occupation (summary)



Dr. Zissis Chroneos has over 20 years of experience of biomedical basic and translational research in the area of pulmonary inflammation and infectious disease in the United States


Member's location


Dr. Zissis Chroneos laboratory is located in the Department of Pediatrics at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA



Possible beneficiaries


Dr. Chroneos can contribute to the training and career development of young scientists and graduate and undergraduate students who wish to follow a similar career path in his laboratory or network at his and other institutions in the United States and other countries


Professional experience (attached CV)


Please find Dr Zissis' CV here