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ALLILONnet Mentor Panos Skliamis: Free Mentoring on how to scale a business


Ο κύριος Πάνος Σκλιάμης είναι μέντορας της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ στον τομέα Επιχειρηματικότητας.


Our member:


Panos Skliamis offers mentoring in the areas of : FinTech, Business Partnerships, Scaling, Repositioning and Fund Raising.



Member's experience and current occupation:

Panos Skliamis is an experienced strategist and management consulting executive with more than 17 years progressive experience in FinTech and investment banking projects.

He is the CEO and Founder of SPIN Analytics ( ) a FinTech and RegTech company with Global Recognition in the Credit Risk Management and Modeling space based in London, United Kingdom.

Panos is a high impact and visionary professional able to differentiate and position an organization’s value proposition, as well as initiate operational effectiveness, to achieve sustainable competitive advantage with innovation and integration of technology. He has proven business change and functional expertise of aligning an organization’s business goals with approaches that delivers the highest value to increase scalability. He has also a recognized track record of managing fast paced operations across geographies.

He has been active with projects in major financial centers like London, NY, Singapore, Luxembourg, Zurich and San Francisco, and he is well known as a business rainmaker and thought leader in FinTech and RegTech.

For his innovative thinking has achieved numerous achievements and among them:
2019 - Top FinTech ING Bank
2019 - Top FinTech Plug&Play
2018 - Top10 - TechCrunch Battlefield
2018 - Top20 - Monetary Authority of Singapore Hackcelerator - Singapore
2018 - Top10 - FinTech's Best - MONEY20/20 Europe
2018 - Top40 - FinTech - Money20/20 China
2018 - Top100 - FinTech - Money20/20 USA
2017 - Top10 - BBVA OPEN TALENT in Artificial Intelligence for Financial Technology (Biggest Global competition in Financial Technology) 
2016 - Top10 - MIT Enterprise Forum Global Competition
2014 - Top40 - Most innovative Financial Technology Leaders in London
Member's location

Panos is currently based in London and travels to Greece, USA and other European Countries.


Possible beneficiaries

Projects in Tech, commerce, Finance, Shipping which are looking for business development, Branding and expansion strategies.


Attached CV Panos_Skliamis_Bio_-_ALLILONNET.pdf
Contact  with mr Skliamis: Here


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