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ALLILONnet Young Mentor: Artemis Seaford -Mentoring in Public Policy, International Relations, Social Science, Management Consulting & Law


Our Member Artemis Seaford is a Young ALLILONnet Mentor in the fields of Career and Studies.


Our Mentor




Artemis Seaford offers mentoring and advice regarding educational and professional opportunities for humanities and social science graduates interested in PhD and master's programs in social sciences, humanities, public policy, international relations and law in American and British universities. Can also advise on securing internships and jobs in management consulting, international organizations and NGOs.


Mentor's experience and current occupation (summary)


Artemis is a PhD candidate at Stanford University's Political Science Department, where she is also studying towards a JD at the Stanford Law School. She has worked or interned in a variety of organizations ranging from McKinsey & Company to the United Nations. Prior to coming to Stanford, Artemis completed a Master's in Public Policy at Harvard. She also holds a first class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford. 


Mentor's location


San Francisco, California


Possible beneficiaries


a/ Graduates looking to enter master's programs in public policy, international relations and law in the US and the UK,

b/ young professionals searching for experience in international organizations - UN, World Bank, NGOs.

c/ young professionals looking to enter management consulting firms,

d/ graduates interested in applying to UK and US PhD programs in social sciences and humanities, and d/ high school students and parents considering applying to US and UK universities for a first degree.

Professional experience 


Mrs Seaford LinkedIn


with Mrs Seaford Here


Applying for Professional Post-Graduate Studies in International Relations, Public Policy & Law in the US
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