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ALLILONnet Mentor: Kakaris Mattheos offers free Mentoring in ICT-Enabled Education and Training


Mr Mattheos Kakaris is a Mentor in the field of Career. 


Our Mentor





Kakaris Mattheos offers free mentoring for young individuals interested in the area of ICT-enabled Education and Training.


 Experience and current occupation


Mattheos has degrees in Electronic Engineering and Information Systems and has worked as a software engineer, business analyst, ICT consultant, project manager for large ICT projects, bid manager for institutional tenders and business development executive. He is currently unit director for an educational software provider company while he is also an evaluator for the EUREKA Eurostars and the Danish Innovation Fund programs.

Mattheos has been actively researching and implementing tools in the areas of Augmented Reality, personalised education & training, xAPI and Learning Motivation Environments and corporate training through gamification.

Mattheos is currently researching on uses of Holograms for enhancing education and training.


Mentor's location


Currently based in Athens, Greece





Young individuals with good ICT skills and creative, out of the box thinking capacity who would like to receive insight into how their ideas and skills can make a difference in the wider area of Education and Training.

Contact with Mr Kakaris Here


Professional experience 


Find attached CV. . 

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