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ALLILONnet Mentor Alex Tsakiridis: Free Mentoring in the Field of Disaster Risk Management


Ο κύριος Αλέξανδρος Τσακιρίδης είναι μέντορας της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ στον τομέα Σπουδών και Καριέρας.


Our mentor

alex tsakiridis

Alex TSAKIRIDIS offers free mentoring and consulting adviced in the field of Disaster Risk Management.


Mentor's experience and current occupation

Mr Tsakiridis has professional and academic experience in Europe and South Asia, which has enriched him in three ways. Primarily, Mr Tsakiridis has had the opportunity to engage and work with individuals of various backgrounds, for several projects in India and Nepal; in parallel, he has been appointed to challenging assignments in the midst of emergencies and societies at risk.

Furthermore, involved in various roles, Mr Tsakiridis has been continuously engaging with communities, ensuring their participation in assessments and programmes. Thirdly, besides becoming familiar with the realities in the region, he has learned the perspective of the Global South with regards to development processes and risk management.

Mentor's location

Mr Tsakiridis is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland.


Possible beneficiaries

Mr Tsakiridis can provide advice to students and entry-level professionals who are interested in International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Risk Management, particularly regarding the Global South.


Professional experience

CV AlexTsakiridis

Contact  with Mr Tsakiridis Here


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