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Our member

Emmanuel Damigos

Emmanuel Damigos offers free mentoring and consulting in the field of Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Event sustainable management, Business Excellence and Business Continuity.

Member's experience and current occupation (summary)

10 years as professor in an engineering school in Northern France and in Athens and Thessaly universities in the fields of chemical engineering and quality approach of sustainable development. 10 years of experiene as a researcher in French and Greek univerities and in private research centers (CERECO Chalkida, IFES Athens).

20 years in development of managing solutions and/or in assessing and certiying companies on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS, ISO 20121 (France, Greece, Canada, Island, Cyprus, Ghana, Burkina Faso), on assessing and awarding companies on Business Excellence (Greece, UK, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, Iran) and on developing Business Continuity systems (France, Italy, Spain, Turkey).

Quality assessment and improvement suggestions of the Results Monitoring System of EC funded projects.

Member's location

Belgium, France, Greece

Possible beneficiaries

Capacity building on business competitiveness and continual improvement and proactive actions to face business risks.

Professional experience

(attached CV)

Emmanuel Damigos 'CV


Webinar 2016

«Ποιότητα, Ανταγωνιστικότητα και Εθνική Οικονομία»