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 Tο μέλος μας Fotid RIGAS είναι  Διευθυντικό στέλεχος στη Human Factor

 NEW Initiative 


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Become a Mentor and support your generation!

Are you a student and/or have recently started your professional life? Do you wish to share your knowledge and help others, to meet and exchange experiences with fellow young members?

Join us now and become a "Young Mentor" as part of our new "Young Mentors Program"and help fellow members of your generation to make their first concrete steps.  

We now encourage young people usually still in their 20's or very early 30's with few years of professional experience or with a recent post-graduate degree to become "Young Mentors" of ALLILONnet in order to guide younger members who follow the same or a similar educational or professional path.The mission of the "Young Mentors" is similar to that of all ALLILON mentors but usually more focused on a specific diploma or targetted professional insertion efforts.



Join our new and dynamic initiative.

Become a "Young Mentor" !!


pdf iconCreative Mentoring: what it is and how it works       

pdf iconΓενικοί όροι εθελοντικής απασχόλησης- Μέντορες

pdf iconTerms of volunteer work of ALLILON Mentors


To become a Young Mentor, please fill in the following form. 

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Σας ευχαριστούμε όλους εσάς που με το ενδιαφέρον και την στήριξη σας βοηθάτε την ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ να συνεχίσει τον σκοπό της.

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H Σοφία Καλιαντέρη είναι Τοπική Συντονίστρια της ΆΛΛΗΛΟΝ στην Αθήνα.

Στην εκπομπή του ΣΚΑΙ ''ΤΩΡΑ΄' στις 30/3/2017 που ήταν φιλοξενούμενη η Δράση ΕΠΑΝΕΚΚΙΝΗΣΙΣ της ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ, η Σοφία Καλλιαντέρη αναφέρθηκε στον σκοπό και τους στόχους την ΄ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ.

Η εύρεση εργασίας στις μέρες μας φαντάζει κάτι ιδιαίτερα δύσκολο, ειδικά αν ο υποψήφιος δεν έχει κάποια χαρτιά που να πιστοποιούν την οποιαδήποτε κατάρτιση. Μην χάνετε την ελπίδα σας και επικεντρωθείτε στο στόχο. Ψάξτε στις τοπικές εφημερίδες, ρίξτε μια ματιά στα online job boards προκειμένου να εξακριβώσετε πόσοι σας ανταγωνίζονται για τη συγκεκριμένη θέση σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο. Το mashable.com παρέχει στους αναγνώστες του συμβουλές ώστε να βρουν το επάγγελμά των ονείρων τους. Ανοίξτε τα μάτια σας και δείτε προσεκτικά.

 panorama epixeirimatikotitaskainotomias 

Με μεγάλη επιτυχία και ενεργή συμμετοχή ολοκληρώθηκε και το 6ο Πανόραμα Επιχειρηματικότητας και Σταδιοδρομίας 2016 που έλαβε χώρα στην Αθήνα 1 έως 3 Απριλίου 2016.

Η ΑΛΛΗΛΟΝ είχε την τιμή να εκπροσωπηθεί με 4 μέληομιλητές στην μεγαλύτερη γιορτή Επιχειρηματικότητας πού διοργανώνετε υπό την αιγίδα του κ. Ιορδάνη Λαδόπουλου, καθηγητή Οργάνωσης και Διοίκησης Επιχειρήσεων στο Οικονομικό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών (ΑΣΟΕΕ).

You can find all professionals and Members of ALLILONnet in your country or city through our Search Members.

You can filter your search by Country/City only or combine with profession/title, area of expertise ect

We would like to remind you that Members can be either registered at our website or on our LinkedIn group. We recommend you register to both.


ALLILONnet is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit, global network of professionals and students. Members are Greeks as well as friends of Greece. Its mission is to promote and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and transfer of skills and resources among Members, particularly benefiting and promoting the professional growth of the youth of Greece, while encouraging entrepreneurship and the improvement of the business environment in Greece, as a means of assisting Greece to move towards sustainable economic growth. 


New York City is home to over 8 million people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. It is composed of five counties: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. It is a center of international diplomacy and can legitimately claim to be the cultural and economic capital of the world. Its influence on trade, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education and entertainment is felt globally.

Many neighborhoods and monuments, as well as bridges, skyscrapers, and parks of the city have become known to people around the world through the film industry and literature, but also through the approximately 55 million annual visitors. Several sources have placed New York as the most photographed city in the world. Times Square, which has been referred to as the "Crossroads of the World," is a key point in the heart of Manhattan and is considered one of the busiest pedestrian intersections world-wide and an important center of the entertainment industry. The financial district around Wall Street has been distinguished as the most important global financial center. New York is home to over 120 colleges and universities, including Columbia University, New York University, Rockefeller University, City University of New York, and State University of New York.

Besides being the epicenter of world-class business, academia, and culture, New York City and its Greater Metropolitan area are home to one of the largest and most vibrant communities of the Greek diaspora.


The Greek American community is active, well organized and thriving, and its presence greatly facilitates the transition from life in Greece to life in this vast city. Whether you are interested in employment, studies, or establishing yourself as an artist, entrepreneur, or professional, the presence of the community is a great asset in the process of building a new home and starting a new career.

Among the Greek American entities based in New York are several business-oriented organizations, such as:

The Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce; The Association of Greek American Professional Women; The Hellenic Medical Society; The Hellenic Lawyers Association; The Hellenic American Bankers Association; The Greek Institute of Architects in New York.

Cultural organizations, such as:

The Onassis Cultural Center NY; The Hellenic American Cultural Foundation; The New York City Greek Film Festival; The Greek Cultural Center.

Public benefit foundations, such as:

The Alexander S. Onassis Public Foundation (USA); The Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Political organizations, such as:

The American Hellenic Institute; The Hellenic American Leadership Council.

The Greek Orthodox Church, with the Cathedral in Manhattan and local parishes in every borough; the Church-based, women’s Philoptochos Society is especially active in philanthropic endeavors.

Greek language schools, mostly run by the Greek Orthodox Church, but also independent charter schools.

The Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, and numerous societies formed on the basis of regional origin in Greece. 

Restaurants with Greek ownership abound as well as small businesses.

Greek Americans are present in most academic centers, with many distinguished professors in prominent universities being Greek or of Greek origin.

Greek language mass media, including newspapers, television channels and radio stations, such as:

The National Herald; The Greek News; New Greek TV; Cosmos FM Hellenic Public Radio; Hellas FM; Neo Magazine; Greek Current

Greek Americans are also present in leadership positions in large corporations as well as in City, State and Federal government.

Many of community-based organizations hold regular events that offer great networking opportunities.


ALLILONnet is an important addition to the community in that it offers distinct and unique benefits and advantages:

  • A high level, global network of professionals and entrepreneurs committed to communicating and sharing their expertise in the areas of studies, career, entrepreneurship, and various professional fields, within the group or individually.
  • One on one pro bono mentoring and consultation with members, who have reached high achievement in their fields of expertise.
  • An online, global platform for professional communication and networking, through our website and social media groups, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Groups.
  • Aggregation of career-related resources and general information through our website and social media groups.
  • “How to” live webinars covering a variety of topics and fields offered by distinguished academics, entrepreneurs and independent professionals and business executives.
  • Quarterly networking events featuring discussions with academic and business leaders.

We at ALLILONnet in New York are ready to welcome you to our great city and to help facilitate your transition by offering you our pro bono member services.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

For a list of grants and scholarships made available by the Greek American community as well as any other related questions, please contact Dr. Olga Alexakos at oalexakos@gmail.com.

With best wishes and kind regards,

Olga Alexakos, Ph.D.

Local Coordinator


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