Dear Members,

For the next few months ALLILONnet will be organizing regular Webinars that will be free and open to all. These online presentations, transmitted over the internet via Google Hangouts, will be short presentations & talks on several matters/topics given by Mentors of ALLILONnet. Below you can find the programme for the following month that you may also find on the homepage of our website. Every upcoming Webinar will be published and promoted one week in advance on all our social media platforms while past Webinars will be archived in our website and accessible at all times to all Members. To participate and join in these talks, simply find and follow the link that will be published on our social media platforms and website on the day of the event.


A key feature of these Webinars is their interactivity, the ability for discussion and information exchange. These Webinars also provide the possibility for participation of a large number of spectators over the internet. Our Webinars will hold up to 10 participants and will be broadcasted live so that viewers may follow the lecture/talk over YouTube.  


Our Webinars will thus comprise of a speech given by one of our Mentors, (15-20 minutes) followed by a Q&A sessions (10-15 minutes) where participants and viewers will be able to respectively pose directly or send in their questions.




16 September 22:00Webinar by our Mentor Dr Harris Mylonas

  • Process applications for a PhD in Political Science at American Universities

23 September 21:00 - Webinar by our Mentor Josef Sifakis

  • Reaseach & Technology in Greece

07 October 20:00 - Webinar by our Mentor Nikolaos Moschovos

  • How to write a good press release

14 Octobre 22:00 - Webinar by our Mentor Panos Skliamis

  • International Business Expansion and Partnerships

22 October 20:00 - Webinar by our Mentor Chrys Taslis

  • Business, training and leadership development 

28 October 20:00 - Webinar by our Local Coordinator Vasiliki Avgoustidi

  • The legal framework and global governance of international  trade


We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website!! Our website's fresh new look, user-friendly navigation and completely new hierarchical structure are some of the features we hope you will enjoy. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, this website is more agile, interactive, and is easier to scan, read and navigate. This improved design and format will allow you to quickly browse through the content (neatly organised by country) and find what you need quickly and efficiently. Just as importantly, ALLILONnet’s key messages, goals and values are made evident and clear. 

Dear Members, 

We invite you to visit our new website ( If you have already created your profile you can now log in with the single click button "Login with LinkedIn". If you are a new visitor, you can create your profile with the same one click. In both cases please update your profile so that you can be part of the global Greek network and the global members' map. You are one click away from being able to benefit from the full services provided by ALLILONnet, a great cause and a world-wide community working for a better future. 


ALLILONnet has now a brand new website.

This is the moment to visit, explore and let us have your comments and impressions.

Please make sure your profile is up to date. You will see our world map of members. It can only include members that have created or updated their profile in our website. For the moment it reflects only a portion of our membership, however, we expect it to improve rapidly.