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Our Member Spiros Anthoulakis has to shear this project that is looking for investors. Please view the attached Presentation here for full info


  1. The solar projects of 2+2=4mw are located in north Greece, outside from the village Oinoi kozani, where the radiation is very high ( is 1.534 kWh/kWp and more (because of the 1 axe tracker ,plus 20% more 1.850kWh/kWp).
  2. The share holders are 90% a company in Key man islands and 10% to Greek partner, who is their representative and authorized in Greece.
  3. The portfolio consists of 2 solar parks (Oinoi Kozani area) with a combine capacity of 2+2=4mw.Each solar park has leased the land from Greek government in very good price (30 euro per hectare ).
  4. The portfolio benefits continue by the statues of the grid line, which is paid by shareholders and the grid line is ready to be connected with the 2 solar parks.
  5. The land which leased is large and is suitable for the use of trackers ( we design with one axe tracker ) , so the production of electricity which will be sold will increased minimum 20%.
  6. The Greek solar market is mature today (after 10 years of experience) and designing, install and O&M, this has the result of very efficient solar park.
  7. The partners, who we propose to design, install and O&M are the proper partners for managing these parks from a distance.
  8. When solar becomes cheaper than Fossil Fuels