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ALLILONnet is expanding every day. As you know, each Member accepts when joining ALLILONnet, to endeavor to respond to questions from other Members interested in his/her experience in the fields of studies, professional career or entrepreneurship.

Those who eventually want to commit further and are willing to communicate more in depth with younger Members, can become Μentors. In addition to the network of our Members, extending across many countries around the world, we are also developing a specific network of ALLILONnet Mentors who will encourage and facilitate communication with younger Members or Members undertaking new initiatives.

Μembers who want to communicate with any Mentor of ALLILONNet  must first fill in the Mentoring request form found in the above category "Your Mentor". You may find in this page all Mentors for Studies, Career and Entrepreneurship.

Please take a minute to consider that your experience can be extremely precious to many of our younger Members. We would like to invite you to consider joining the network of the Mentors of ALLILONnet. You are free to define as you wish the area of Mentoring you have to offer. The time you will invest depends only upon you and you can cancel you participation as a mentor at any time.


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Title: "Free Mentoring in the field of Marketing

Our member: Sotiris ROMANOS offers free mentoring and consulting advice in the field of Marketing.

Member's experience and current occupation (summary) : Mr Romanos has 14 years of experience in market facing roles (Marketing, Commercial, Innovation Strategy, Business Planning & Business Development) within the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) sector in Greece & abroad.

Member's location: Mr Romanos is currently based in Dubai, UAE with a plan to relocate to Nairobi, Kenya by the end of March 2013.

Possible beneficiaries : Mr Romanos believes that he could add value to young professionals & graduates who either wish to follow a similar career path in Greece or abroad and entrepreneurs who are either looking for marketing tools to promote their business or looking to expand their business in Middle East & Africa. In this regard, he offers free advice to: i/ Young Greek professionals and graduates who wish to follow a corporate career paths in Greece or abroad (mainly in the disciplines of sales and marketing). ii/ Entrepreneurs who are looking for marketing tools to promote their business and iii/ Business owners who are interested to expand their business in Middle East & Africa

Professional experience: CV Sotiris ROMANOS

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